Our Vision

The Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange was founded by Carla Trier and her 8 year old foster daughter in March of 2013. A foster kid and foster parent herself, Carla saw the need to have supplies right away to welcome a child into their new surroundings. A trash bag or just the clothes on their back are far from a way to let the healing begin. We assist foster children and parents with the difficulties surrounding foster Care. The Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange serves foster, adoptive, and kinship parents and children on the intricate and volatile journey of foster care. So who do we help at the Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange? We help foster parents as they get new kiddos, we help foster parents who have adopted their foster children, we help parents who are reunifying with their child in foster care, we help adults who were foster children and are now parents, we help families who struggle after reunification, and we help grandparents who are guardians or parents to their grandchildren.

Meet the Staff

Carla Crayton
Carla CraytonExecutive Director
Carla Crayton is the Co-Founder of the Sheridan Foster Parent Parent Exchange and has served as the Executive Director since its inception in 2013. Carla has worked with children in many countries as well as in the United States. In her time in Sheridan over the past 11 years Carla feels Christ has led her on a journey of care; she has worked with differently abled youth, as a CASA, as a visitation supervisor, and a foster mom.
Tawny Wohlers
Tawny WohlersCapacity Builder
Tawny Wohlers joined us this year as the Capacity Builder. She comes as a foster parent and respite provider. She is thrilled to have a role in the community through outreach and support and looks forward to serving SFPE and involved families with heart and passion.
Treylah Smith
Treylah SmithCo-Founder
Treylah Smith Co-founded the Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange at age 8 along with her Foster mother at the time. Treylah used to spend hours upon hours moving and sorting donations; her favorite activity. Treylah is now reunified with her loving family and resides in Gillette, Wyoming. Treylah participates in basketball volleyball, track and is still involved at the Exchange. Tryelah is now 15 and still has an uncanny knack of identifying the size of a piece of clothing without looking.
Alexis Nikirk
Alexis NikirkAdministrative Assistant
Alexis has been part of SFPEX since March 2019. She is a native of Pine Bluffs, WY and has been living in Sheridan since 2006. She has been married since 2007 to her husband Andrew, who is a fisheries biologist. They have 3 beautiful children: Avery, Adley and Archer who keep them busy by playing all kinds of sports and participating in extracurricular activities. Alexis is a certified teacher and has taught elementary school for 14 years. She currently teaches full-time at a one-room schoolhouse in Montana. Alexis loves to chase her children around, be outdoors, and watch sports. She love to hunt and fish and is a 4-H superintendent, volunteer with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and is a board member with the Montana State Literacy Association. As you can see she loves to stay busy and be around kids, and she is proud to be part of the SFPEX team!

Meet Our Board

Melinda Abbott

Meet our newest board member Melinda! Melinda recently joined our board in June of 2022. Melinda has a heart for serving her community and we are so excited to have her on our team! Melinda is a mom of seven beautiful children. She currently works at D.F.S. after spending several years working with homeless, delinquent, and/or foster youth. Melinda has advocated around the United States, including on Capital Hill, regarding foster care.  Last but not least, Melinda is passionate about all children having happy and healthy homes. 

Adam LoPresti

Monica Burridge

I joined the SFPE Board in August of 2020. My passion has always been with the youth of my community as a former youth leader and a CASA member.

My husband and I raised three boys and are proud grandparents of two, so far. When we are not spending time with our family or working, my husband and I enjoy camping and traveling. I strongly believe family is the heart strings of a person no matter what the family “looks” like this is why this charity is dear to me.

Heather Neeriemer

Meet Heather, board member and secretary of Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange! Heather joined the SFPE Board in August 2021. She grew up in Story, Wyoming and has lived most of her life in the Sheridan area.  She is married and has two beautiful daughters. She and her husband are foster parents, so she knows the impact that this organization has on the community, children, and families that it serves. She believes that all children deserve to be in a loving and safe home.

If you have any questions, please contact us